• Industrial Techs perform area search using HazSim Pro.

    Hands-on Interactive Safety Training

    Fact: High Risk Occupations require Hands-on interactive safety training.
    Fact: Students retain 10% of what they read, 50% of what is heard and seen, and

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    VA HazMat Conference ReCap

     VA HazMat Conference 2014- USCG Atlantic Strike Team – Champions!

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    What HazSim Users are Saying

    “Students in a hands-on class using HazSim said their training & overall learning experience was enhanced by having real readings from an instrument rather than by cue cards.”

Bringing Situational HazMat Training to LIFE

Prepare Your Team

Make sure they know what to expect in an emergency situation. High risk occupations require hands on training and HazSim enables you to offer the most effective training available today.

Safely Engage First Responders

Students learn by doing, so give them the most realistic situational training you can. HazSim allows you to create fast paced and highly stressful simulations in order to deliver maximum training results.

Reduce Incidents, Injury & Death

Protect your team by providing them with the best prevention tool on the market. Available in any language, simulate training for Chemical Agents, Radiation, WMD's and more.